As wanderers, although to a certain extent, we are opposed to capital and grand political fantasy, it is precisely this choice of consciousness that gives us another escape narrative.


Every year, the society seems to operate to catch up with a threshold for reaching a standard, a budget, and a milestone. However, in 2020, the epidemic has caught everyone off guard. This online exhibition is an extension of the contemporary art workshop, "The Art of Psychogeography: Exploring the Possibility of Local Navigation and Space Occupation" at the end of November 2020. After integrating the lectures in class and the experience of non-verbal observation on the road outdoor, the final sharing session has few coincident clues and hence set the temporal theme of this online exhibition as in "disappear, reemerge, around the corner". Since then, everyone has two weeks to examine the source of their creation and further develop into a series of works. After undergoing few dialogues and re-exploring each other's works' keywords and similarities, "漫" (Màn) somehow, for us, fit very well as an overarching theme.


Thanks! Wanderer.