Experiential Memory of Jianguo Market

The film is shot in Jianguo Market in Taichung, a market that I frequented with when I was young. It used to be a traditional wet market that many have shared memories. It is an essential part of a country's grassroots economy. It outlines the characteristics of a region's goods and even reflects the local humanities, history, and customs. In a way, it shows the diversity of the society and warmth of people touch. I hope my first original video experience faithfully provides a message that could resonate with the audience, with each unique memory and interpretation. However, the memory will still be a memory, and the wet market will remain a wet market. The first act is merely inviting the audience to immerse in the original colour, sound and appearance of this Jianguo market, where later on the artwork will switch from "experience" to the theme of "message" and "memory".  

Keywords: Wet market, Memory, Experience, Environment, Society


Deng, Rou-Yun