Lee, Su-Hsin


Born in Dadaocheng, Taipei, Lee loves nature and art since a child. She has engaged in research of geography, landscape and tourism education for most of her life. In her sixtieth, she pursues art as a senior student in search of the meaning of life.  She is currently studying in the Master's Program of the Fine Arts Department of the National Taiwan Normal University.

  • Currently Professor of Geography Department of National Taiwan Normal University; Chairman of Taiwan Branch of World Leisure Association; Chairperson of Art Painting House.

  • Former Dean of the School of Humanities and Arts, National Kinman University; Chairperson of the Department of Architecture of Feng Chia University; Chairperson of Taiwan Insitute Landscape Architects; and Chairperson of the Outdoor Recreation Association of R.O.C..

  • PhD in Parks and Recreation Management, Pennsylvania State University, U.S.A.

  • 2013 Fulbright scholar


Art Exhibitions:

  • 2014 2015 2016 Taipei Social Education Promotion Center Joint-Class Exhibition

  • 2016 2017 Food Travel Light Art Gallery Group Exhibition

  • 2019 New Taipei 435 Arts and Cultural Special Zone Tuesday Art Group Exhibition 

  • 2020 Art Painting House Group Exhibition-原初點。新藝境, Jilin Art Gallery Group Exhibition, 情投藝合Watercolor Group Exhibition Beitou Civic Center