Summoning Array

Even if you have not experienced an authoritarian period

Once you have the consciousness of "have experienced this time of history."

You will find that the spirits of history are still around. 

I use "Chinese Painting" (囯畫)that was a symbol of orthodox culture summon the ghosts of history onto paper and called it "Summoning Array."

Born in 1992, I grew up in a free and democratic Taiwan. The experience of roaming in this workshop made me realize my subconscious curiosity about Taiwan's authoritarian period. While roaming, I unconsciously searched for the remaining "pedestals": the broken traffic cones, the benches left by the sculpture class, and perhaps the classroom seats are also "pedestals." These pedestals echo the form of the bronze statue and seat of Chiang Kai-shek during the authoritarian period. The ghosts of the authoritarian era are still floating around even we have come into a de-Chiang era. While curious, there are also other complicated emotions, which I will slowly sort out in the future.

Keywords: History, Ghost, Chinese Painting, Organic Independent Generation

Artist: Kuo, Ya Chieh


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