Summoning Array-Constitution Day


Before entering my second grade of elementary school, December 25 was a holiday in the name of the constitutional anniversary. Same on December 25, Merry Christmas was celebrated all over: greeting cards received, Christmas tree in front of the department store, the song played on the arcade walkways etc.  Back then, the constitutional anniversary is a story played on a childhood story cassette that is harder to understand than Santa Claus, for me. Hence in this work, I use images full of Chinese sentiments, such as the leaf with ink-painting characters, together with the “four gentlemen” motif tree pot (which is still common on the roadside nowadays) to depict the Christmas tree, in showing the incomprehensibility and contradiction in my childhood.

*In Taiwan, most senior people think of December 25 as Constitution Day due to the constitution of the Republic of China was passed on December 25, 1946. The day was designated as a national holiday in 1963 and everyone got a day off on Constitution Day until 2001.

* The Four Gentlemen, also called the Four Noble Ones, refer to the plum, the orchid, the bamboo, and the chrysanthemum. The term matches the four plants with junzi, or "gentlemen" in Confucianism. They are common subjects in traditional Chinese Ink painting,  for more than a thousand years because of their refined beauty, as well as the moral characters with which the Chinese literati have imbued them. 

Keywords: History, Ghost, Chinese Painting, Organic Independent Generation

Artist: Kuo, Ya Chieh