Time Disappeared,
Water Vanished,
Life Faded Away

Snow Mountain Tunnel (雪隧)is an ambitious excavation mission through the mountain range. Before the opening of National Highway No. 5, Taipei and Yilan's traffic rely on the Beiyi Highway and Binhai Highway. In particular, the road condition of the Beiyi Highway is hazardous with nine bends and eighteen turns. Those roads caused frequent car accidents; while the coastal road also takes longer driving time. The gravel roaring along the driveways are extremely dangerous and fearful. The construction period for Snow Mountain lasted 15 years and spent 90.6 billion NTD as construction cost. It was completed and opened to traffic in June 1995.

The Snow Mountain Tunnel is located in the thrust fault zone bordering the earth's plates. The faults and shear fracture zones are dense; the rock mass is broken and contains abundant high-pressure underground water. Thirteen engineers have unfortunately lost their lives on the job. Here is a tribute to all the dedicative engineers, a group of unsung heroes who work sacrificially.

Keywords: Snow Mountain Tunnel, Mental Index, Traffic, Disappearance, City


Judy Lee