Time Disappeared, Water Vanished, Life Faded Away - 3

Art carries the essence of life, and the aesthetic experience becomes the epitome for reality, giving the value and meaning of life.  Suffering can either stimulate or kill vitality, can either hone or destroy the will, can either enlighten or conceal wisdom, can either build noble personality or devalue it. The thirteen years of challenges are not a romantic or unromantic imagination for all the engineering personnel involved in the Snow Tunnel. For nearly 15 years, every minute of excavation has been the hard work of more than 400 staff members, who have spent 13 years under the ground. They barely get back home for the hard work and the frailty that might endanger health!

The engineers always show a positive attitude towards life as far as the tunnel benefits society, just like how art relates to society. I as an artist expresses through points, lines, surfaces, and colour blocks. From ethereal philosophical thinking, the spatial beauty of architecture shaped; the natural charm in life experience, one pursues thinking, technique, organization, arrangement, stability and order. The artworks painted in either ink splashing, or dry rubbing, or focusing on texture and tone technique, isn’t that the same in sparking up the emotional resonance of one being?​​

Keywords: Snow Mountain Tunnel, Mental Index, Traffic, Disappearance, City


Judy Lee