Time Disappeared, Water Vanished, Life Faded Away - 2

History carries the presupposition of human society. The art of painting is also testimony to times, especially the ink painting, is indeed a superb treasure of Chinese culture that has gone through thousands of turbulent years. At the exit of the Snow Tunnel, Yilan has a healing natural sky. There are wonders, characteristic landmarks, and even a strong traditional agricultural culture, and many more that are worthy of your exploration. In the real humanistic landscape, it is expected of you to slow down and relax. Heart and soul are calm in nature. Every happiness is a strong deed. Maybe you are walking in the hardest time, however, as long as you go through this period, you will "believe" yourself more, even if you are alone. At the end of the tunnel, there is light. 

I use "Ink and Wash Techniques" and "Painting Artistic Concept" in every creative process, as a record of spiritual consciousness. The ethereal atmosphere is my deliberate creation of a far-reaching artistic conception of energetic rhyme, and the implicit poetry of the heart.

With a leisurely and empathetic depiction of mountains and rivers, to convey the elegant and broad-minded natural aesthetics in the heart, I also aim to reconstruct the artistic concept of ink and wash.  These works present a diversity of texture and lines, ever-changing, bright rhythm, smooth texture, interlaced light and dark, blending both the traditional Chinese thinking and modern context deliberately.

Keywords: Snow Mountain Tunnel, Mental Index, Traffic, Disappearance, City


Judy Lee