Walking & Reading Taipei


"Wandering around the city and exploring its legacies, like a detective on a mission. 

The streets of ironmongery and the shops of car decoration reveal the histories of the past industries.

The red bricks and masonry of the ditch show the stacking of the times.

The graffiti wall invites a surprise visit to the alleyways.

The sound of greetings breaks the isolation of the unfamiliar.

And those windows of everyday life, reveal a joyful urban spectacle."
"But everyday life can be destroyed overnight!

A shabby market forced to be relocated, under a beautiful vision of green space development

How can hawkers then make a living? 

Hand in hand, we shall join forces, for a life issue that requires perseverance

Even if the stall space is only allowed 30 centimeters,

stalls will still be pure white, solemn, and beautiful. 

So as to be perfect."
"Walking around the marketplace in Taipei's “Hearty Chung-Shan”,

I marvel at how representational spaces are blossoming,

With everyday people, and everyday life."
Ditch that? Welcome to the Oasis.

Keywords: city, memory, Coronavirus, ants, disappearance

Artist: Lee, Su-Hsin


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